Cold Laser Therapy From A Chiropractic Clinic

What You Should Know About Cold Laser Therapy Back Pain

For a variety of people that suffer from chronic or acute pain, options provided by the traditional doctors are in many cases, not enough. The long-term usage of pain medication can result in vascular issues, depression, addiction and liver damage along with a suppressed quality-of-life. Some medications necessitate using other medications to offset side effects caused by the primary pain drugs.

Over the last 2 and ½ decades there are only select chiropractor Reno that have Cold Laser Therapy, since the Microlight received its very first FDA clearance in regards to therapy lasers, the cold laser therapy back pain has increased significantly with a variety of practitioners such as acupuncturists, physical therapists, and chiropractors. In addition, it has also experienced noteworthy growth in veterinarian use to treat companion pets and horses.

These health professionals use the cold laser therapies in their attempts to heal the primary causes of the issues in comparison to just treating symptoms associated with the problem. To achieve this professionals such as chiropractors use cold laser therapy back pain in conjunction with the other types of treatment modalities that they use.

Typically, cold lasers are utilized in two distinct ways:

•To target acupuncture trigger points which are a similar technique to acupuncture without the use of needles.

•A broader coverage of bone and tissue with Red Light or IR photons to decrease pain as well as stimulate healing.

Cold laser therapies provide a non-intrusive alternative to surgery and acupuncture. These techniques also offer a treatment that is non-addictive which does away with the complications that are often associated with long-term medication programs. The cold lasers have been FDA cleared and used widely in regards to treating:

•Chronic and acute pain

Muscle strain

•Ligament sprains

•Back pain

•Soft tissue injuries



•Tennis elbow



•Carpal Tunnel Syndrome

Healing With The Use Of Cold Lasers

Cold laser therapy back pain involves the production impulses of light which are set at a particular wavelength (typically 600 to 980nm) which decreases scattering and reflection but at the same time maximizes absorption of this energy in the form of photons at the desired depth. Certain conditions such as back pain and joint pain necessitate a penetration of about 4 to 5 inches that is only achievable with the use of powerful laser emitters.

The goal behind cold therapy back pain is to do with delivering light energy units derived from infrared and red laser radiation known as photons to any damaged cells. Various experts are in agreement that the photons that are absorbed into the cells through this laser therapy are what stimulate mitochondria to speed up the production of ATP. This is the biochemical is what increases cell energy that transforms the living cells from an ill state to a healthy and stable state.

How Cold Laser Therapy Works

When the body has sustained an injury cells become damaged and often fail to operate within the standard parameters. The low-level lasers used with the Cold Laser machines penetrate into the patient’s skin and work on restoring cellular function that is abnormal. These lasers make use of light that is non-heated that has been set at a particular wavelength which is suited for the treatment of ailments such as joint or back pain. These lasers are designed in a way to penetrate into the tissues deeply.

Biological effects of these Low Level Laser Therapy treatments have been proven to enhance and accelerate the natural repair and defence abilities of the body when injured. By decreasing inflammation and enhancing healing and repair processes, these cold therapy lasers offer significant pain relief and decreasing the damages causes by loss-of-function.

Different Stages Of Care From A Chiropractor

Stages Of Chiropractic Care

There are a variety of types of chiropractic care that are aimed at different ailments. For example, there is chiropractic care used for neck and back problems or the purpose of general health. Similar to seeing a specialist physician for a particular ailment, there are also specialist chiropractors that treat different conditions. Chiropractors in Reno are the type of health care providers that are concerned about the spine as well as the human body as a whole, find more information by clicking here.

In the chiropractic treatments, a competent doctor used mild adjustments to treat and relieve subluxations which are described as misalignments that occur with the vertebrae which are the cause of nerve irritations. These subluxations can occur to any area on a spinal column, which includes the lower and upper back. There are a variety of reasons as to why vertebrae in the spine lose their alignment or mobility which results in pressure on nerves that are linked to the area of the brain.

While types of chiropractic care usually involve chiropractors that are typically “mixers”, these professionals often offer other treatments in conjunction to chiropractic care such as nutrition, diet and physiotherapy. Other types of chiropractic care include professionals referred to as “straight” which are considered as purists and will only conduct chiropractic treatments that concentrate on locating and removing subluxations. Chiropractors believe in a theory that once a subluxation can heal, the rest of a patient’s body will also treat. These techniques are thought to bring about gradual yet complete rejuvenation.

After the initial discussion and examination about existing medical conditions, the chiropractor will make a decision on the best method for treatment. In general, there are three main types of chiropractic care:


These techniques offer instant relief required for acute discomfort and pain when the individual is experiencing significant pain. The chiropractor will put into place a schedule of treatments which will be determined by the extent of the damages that require correction.


This chiropractic care type is used for various spinal issues which have occurred in the past without the correct treatments. This is the kind of attention that usually necessitates long-term treatment.


This type of care is associated with treating the spine which has already undergone treatments that have cured the problem. However, when a spine has already sustained injuries it often becomes weak which is why a chiropractor will often recommend regular visits once every 2 to 6 weeks which will be dependent on the actual primary issue.

Chiropractic care is based on full health with the human body. The treatments are based on using internal healing systems that are already present inside the body to relieve spinal issues that often interfere with the cells and the nerves. For these reasons receiving chiropractic care and treatments is a way to make sure that each area of the body functions as it should.

Chiropractic care is also recommended as one of the best alternatives to medicine. These treatments are associated with the belief system that certain condition types come about due to impairments in the nervous system in the bones, tendons, muscles and ligaments. While the chiropractors avoid using surgery and drugs, they can refer a patient for further medical care when it is a necessity.

These treatments used in chiropractic care are natural and safe methods to encourage healing in the body. It also assists patients as a way to avoid experiencing chronic pain and a way to prevent any physical issues before they begin or become worse.

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